Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Curly Mohawk For Kids!

When my daughter was two years old, she had a massive amount of black and brown curls on top of her head and I just didn't know what to do with it! I mean, she's my only daughter and I never really had much experience with braiding and styling children's hair. One day I just decided to try braiding and doing her hair in a mohawk simutaneously! I can't believe it came out so well, especially being my first time!

  1. First I parted her hair in half from ear to ear to get it as straight as I possibly could. As I stated in one entry, I can't part straight for the life of me..I also can't park, lol. /random
  2. I put the top half in a ponytail, then parted the back down the middle to the nape of her neck. I then proceeded to braid one side to the side going to the right until I stopped in the middle and braided the other side to the left until I got to the middle. Every two braids that met up in the middle, I wrapped them in a rubberband*.
  3. The top part, I braided four braids on each side and the middle part just did one big twist and pulled it back in a ponytail to meet the back braids. I did the twist because I got lazy, I recommend you do something else, but to each it's own.
  4. After all hair was wrapped in a ponytail, I took a rattail comb and poofed it out a bit...and there you have it! A curly mohawk! I didn't have to do much to curl her hair being that her hair is naturally curly, but if your child does not have the same texture, then feel free to find some way to curl!
*Rubberbands. I highly recommend you not use rubberbands in children's hair because it takes their hair out, maybe like small cotton like bands to tie around. I used rubberbands because like I said, back then, I wasn't experienced in doing children's hair. I mean, I'm no hairstylist NOW, but you know, some things are more common sense. =)

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